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On-Demand Webinar: Ask Product Anything: Resource Management

By Jordan Roach posted 04-19-2018 14:34


Do you want more help unleashing the power of Resource Management in Workfront? Join our Product experts in our "Ask Product Anything" webinar to learn how!

Here's your chance to access Workfront Product experts Jennifer Moore and Michael Swan who will participate in a live Q&A session and answer your questions related to any and all things Resource Management!

Click here to view the on-demand webinar now.



12-20-2018 13:39

I checked the URL, here is the actual link to the recording (it's at the end of the link that Jordan provided.

10-24-2018 07:59

@Jordan Roach The link to this webinar isn't working and our team is struggling to adopt the new resource management tools. I'd like to view in hopes it can help us. Please advise on a functional link.

10-11-2018 11:28

October 11, 2018.  Link still broken.

06-07-2018 12:59

Still not working... :-(

05-31-2018 11:38

Hi @Jordan Roach

The link to this webinar is not working for me. Would you be able to direct me to the recording?

Thank you!