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Elevate Your Work: Getting the Most from Digitization

By Jordan Roach posted 02-16-2018 13:53


Today’s world is in the midst of a “digital transformation,” and big or small, businesses are no exception. As companies adjust to an increasingly digital market that moves at more rapid pace, they’re learning an important lesson: digitization isn’t just changing how companies interact with clients and consumers—it’s changing how they run their teams, their departments, and their organizations as a whole.

Tools like Workfront have introduced high-level digitization into the core of many modern workplaces, but there is untapped potential. As a Workfront customer you’ve begun the process of transforming your work, but as you look toward the future, will you be getting the most from your digital transformation?

Join Workfront’s digital transformation experts Jon Hawkins and Nick Scholz as they dive into trends and benefits in digital transformation, then tell you what you need to know to get the most from your digital transformation investments. Join us to see how you can:

  • Use Workfront as a foundation for digitization and automation
  • Evolve from Project Management to a true operational system of record
  • Find and retain the right talent for your teams
  • Be more strategic in leading your marketing team’s digital transformation
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