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On-Demand Webinar: Workfront Quarterly Product Roadmap

By Ashley Pretnik posted 03-18-2019 14:52


Workfront Quarterly Product Roadmap

You are responsible for ensuring Workfront is a success in your organization. And we are responsible for helping you become a Master of Modern Work. You need all the latest and greatest information about what's coming this year to do that!

Join the Workfront product management team live to learn more about our product vision, the 2019 roadmap, how to get involved, and upcoming events. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on the roadmap directly with product managers. Register now!



06-04-2019 10:02

@Maggie Talierco - Yes, not a problem. I will get that email sent over to you. Sorry about the technical issue! You definitely should have received it. ​

06-04-2019 07:12

Hi Ashley! I signed up for the webinar but couldn't make it last min. I thought I will be getting on demand link but never receive it. Could you send the link to me? thanks

Maggie Talierco

03-19-2019 14:03

@Yvette Jaskiewicz - We will send the questions to the team and get back to you with an answer. Thank you for attending!​

03-19-2019 09:45

Hi! I asked a question in the chat box toward the end of the webinar today. However, I was kicked out when it ended and didn't get an answer. Will the team be emailing us directly with answers?