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On-Demand Webinar: 3 Ways IT Can Connect the Enterprise with Workfront Fusion

By Ashley Pretnik posted 10-30-2018 15:20


Disconnected business applications across the enterprise make IT operations more complicated and expensive, and project delivery delayed and over budget. Workfront Fusion connects core systems to Workfront using a seamless, codeless, easy to manage interface without the need for additional headcount, dedicated resources, or costly maintenance cycles. In this microlearning session, we'll explore a few scenarios where Fusion can make disconnected IT applications and processes become seamless within your teams and across the whole organization. In particular, we'll discuss how Workfront Fusion can:

  • Connect existing IT service management functionality to Workfront for better cross-enterprise visibility into ALL work. 
  • Trigger automated collaboration
  • Streamline corporate IT requests
  • Tie-together other disjointed business-critical activities
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